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Areas of expertise

Aside from the wide spectrum of services expected from
a professional law office, we offer special emphasis in
the field of property and real estate law, in addition to
regional planning and construction laws.

We assist private and business oriented investors in
drawing up purchase contracts involving property,
houses and apartments. This includes all issues relating
to Tyrolean property law (such as Tyrolean property
transaction law, Tyrolean Regional Planning Law and
Tyrolean Construction Law) as well as specific
questions associated with vacation residence stipulations,
which are particular to Tyrolean Land Laws.

We accompany construction projects in every aspect,
starting with buying the property to attaining the
necessary official approvals (regional planning,
construction, environmental protection, water rights etc.),
building and also appraising apartments in order to
individually sell them.

Thanks to decades of experience we have excellent contacts
to all local authorities and are therefore able to assist our
clients in all official matters.

Law Office Dr. Wendling GmbH Obere Gänsbachgasse 7 / Kirchplatz 6370 Kitzbühel Austria Telephone: 0043 (0)5356 626 82 Fax: 633 76 Email:  office@wendling.at